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2 tips for handling an aggressive driver

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It’s all too common for people to fly into a rage for even the most minor inconveniences. While this may not be your problem, someone else’s anger could put you into an awkward situation while driving. Aggressive drivers — whether that be a tailgater, a speedster or someone who aggressively honks their horn – can put other drivers in danger of serious, or even fatal, injuries.

What can you do when dealing with an aggressive driver? While there’s not much you can do to calm an aggressive driver, there are methods that you can take to reduce the chances of suffering from a collision. Here’s what you should know:

1. Don’t engage with the other driver

Possibly the fastest way to get into a car accident with an aggressive driver is to match their anger: speeding up, honking your horn, yelling insults or brake-checking them. Instead, you can try to reduce your own stress while you wait for them to regain composure. Try turning on the radio and relaxing or just focus on your next exit. 

2. Let the other driver pass you

It’s few and far in between for an aggressive driver to keep tailing the same car. They likely want to pass you, and it may be best for you to let them do so. Instead of speeding up, which could cause you to exceed the speed limit, you may just need to keep your same pace until the other driver feels they’re ready to drive by.

Even if you did everything you can to prevent a car accident with an aggressive driver, emotions can often get the better of people and you may find yourself injured in a collision. Reaching out for legal help can make it easier to know what to do next.